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A bride and groom touching foreheads as their backs are two the camera

I’d say that we photograph 90% of our weddings in the Cleveland area despite us being from Akron ourselves. I’m also very surprised at the amount of venues and locations in Akron I haven’t photographed yet. Up until our recent wedding, one of these locations is Hale Farm!

We had the pleasure of photographing Morgan and Hayden’s stunning wedding portraits and reception here. I was in awe of how gorgeous the area was, and it gave me the itch to go back and shoot there again. I was quite surprised because Emily and I drive past here all the time!


One of my absolute favorite things ever…when bridesmaids for one of our past brides hires us to shoot her wedding! We had the pleasure of working with Megan and Spencer who was also a groomsman in the same wedding a few years ago in upstate New York!


One of my favorite home projects I’ve done so far has to be this DIY kitchen island makeover I recently completed! There are so many things we love about our new home, but there are also so many things we wish we could have upgrade right from the start. One of these home items was the kitchen island. As you can see from the first photo below, there wasn’t much to it! So I decided to strip the island of it’s builder grade materials and completely makeover the kitchen island!

Our Home

DIY Electric Craftsman Fireplace

Last April, during the beginning stages of quarantine due to Covid, we enjoyed going out for drives to get out of the house. Little did we know that one of those drives would lead to us touring a model home, and ultimately deciding to build a new townhouse.

For the last six years, we’ve been living the apartment life. While we loved our apartment, we always hated the fact we couldn’t make it feel like our own. We were stuck with ugly cherry cabinetry, yellow/beige painted walls, and orange tinted linoleum faux wood flooring. (It was a little too much)

Our Home