Charleston RTS Leaders Retreat


Early last year a couple pretty awesome girls out of Annopolis Maryland started a group (turned movement) called the Rising Tide Society. Their mission; to educate and empower creatives through the spirit of community over competition. They began local groups called Tuesdays Togethers, and as of last August I’ve had the incredible honor to lead our very own area Tuesdays Together group.

Open to all, we meet once a month to network and talk/educte eachother about certain aspects of our businesses. It has truly been incredible to see so many people come together to help eachother out. People who look past competing with eachother, and instead help lift eachother up.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to travel down to Charleston, SC for a two day Tuesdays Together leadership retreat. It was such a blast getting to meet other leaders from across the country, and hearing how they’re transforming their communities through their groups. We spent a good amount of those two days listening to amazing speakers like Amy and Jordan Demos, learning everything from curating your Instagram feed to mixing drinks, and overall just connecting with great people.

As I left the retreat I left with a greater sense of hope, and that what I was doing in my career right. Being with that group of creatives confirmed that I was right where I belonged. Unfortunately I didn’t get to capture even half of what I wish I had of the actual retreat, but as you’ll see…me and the friends I made during our time sure got a lot of pics out of our time together! 😉

Me with Natalie and Krista! (Co-founders of RTS!)

Kelsey + Adam | Engaged


So kinda big news…I finally traveled to California for the first time last week! And now I’ve decided in 2017 I will be moving there! Just kidding; but seriously it was amazing and I was in awe of how scenic everything was! (Travel photos will be following this post soon).  The whole vibe between LA and Santa Barbara totally fit my personally, so needless to say I’ll be going back soon.

During my trip I had the opportunity to meet up with one of my 2016 couples Kelsey and Adam! They are originally from Ohio, but are now fortunate enough to call LA home! One Saturday morning during my trip I had the chance to meet up with them and shoot their engagements around the arts district and downtown LA. Now I like to think I have some good fashion sense for being a guy, but these two showed up and I had to check myself…They looked absolutely flawless, and it sure shows in their photos!  Other than their incredible sense of fashion these two are some of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting, and I’m so thankful to be able to call them one of my couples! Can’t wait for their big day in October! 🙂

Bridal Portraits | Styled


In this off season I have spent a lot of time revamping my business, and getting ready for the 2016 season. In the midst of everything I’ve been trying to find a balance between my paid work and my personal work. I wish I did more shoots for myself, and two weeks ago I finally pulled the trigger and did one! With the help of Amanda Goode from Amanda Joy Events we were able to pull together an amazing bridal portrait styled shoot! Amanda not only helps couples plan their special day, but does floral design as well! The gorgeous dress in the photos was supplied to us by Moon and Back Bridal. I’m so excited with how the photos turned out, and it feels good to be doing some personal projects before wedding season begins!

Happy Thursday!

2016 Goals + Reflections

Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing year in 2015, and I wish you all the best for 2016! As with each new year I like to reflect on the previous and set my goals for upcoming, and today I’m doing just that! Last year my goals ranged from business to fitness, and this year is no different! I want to continue what I started in 2015, and use what I learned to make 2016 even better! I couldn’t be happier looking back, and in 2016 I want to focus mainly on two things; education and serving. When I talk about serving I’m talking about it in two sense of the word. Serving my clients the best I can, and volunteering. My clients are especially important to me. I would not be able to do what I love for a living without them, and in 2016 I want to work on giving them an exceptional wedding experience. On the other end I want to take the time to start volunteering more. Volunteering has always been important to me, and I’ve always wished I could do more of it. So next year it’s on!

In regards to educationI want to not only want to keep educating myself, but reach out to more people and help them reach their goals in business and in life. That’s why today I’m introducing brand new mentoring and coaching sessions that will be available this month! I have a lot of great things planned this year, and here they are!

2015 Reflections

2015 was AWESOME. I traveled all over the country, photographed 21 amazing couples, started developing Social (details to come), ran a few half marathons, taught on Showit Live, and lost over 30 pounds!!! Needless to say I’m very happy with how the year went! Aside from the amazing experience I learned a lot as well. 2015 taught me to be more confident in my business and life. I feel like I’ve always held myself back because I was afraid of failure…this year I faced it head on. I felt uncomfortable during a lot of it, but the outcomes were amazing. I took chances and made tough decisions yet came out unscathed and stronger than ever.

2016 Goals


– Run my FIRST full marathon

– Volunteer 15 times

– Travel to the west coast!

– Read 10 books

– Launch Social!!

– Travel out of the country


– Photograph 25-30 weddings

– Host two workshops

– Shoot 5 stylized sessions

– Shoot a wedding in NYC

– Finish setting up my client management systems!

Have a GREAT year my friends!


Southern Styled Shoot | Charleston, SC

Two weeks ago I made a trip down to Charleston, SC! Even in the midst of having the flu I made the 13 hours drive! My aunt had recently moved to Charleston from New York and with the experience of make up artistry decided she wanted to start her own MUA business in the south! After she told me this I knew exactly how I could help her out….a styled shoot! I’ve always wanted to shoot in Charleston, so I saw this as the perfect excuse!

I also had the pleasure of shooting along side my good friend Katie Capo from Catherine Anne Photography! Since she lives in Charleston she was amazing and setup everything while I was still in Ohio! We had such a blast working together and I’m so excited to share the results with you! Enjoy!

Jenna + Gary | Catawba Island Wedding

These two…I could say so many amazing things about Jenna and Gary. They have to me one of the most fun, easy going, and loving couples I’ve ever had the priveledge to work with!

Their wedding took place this summer on August 1 at the Catawba Island Club on Lake Erie. I’d have to say though…If you were to blind fold me and place me there I would have thought I was somewhere on the Mediterranean! The architecture of the buildings reminded me of buildings you might see in Spain! Everything was absoultely gorgeous.

More importanly aside from how amazing the location looked, Jenna and Gary looked flawless! Take a look for yourself below! Enjoy!

United Posing Shoot Photos!

I can’t believe it’s been already a week since United ended! I plan on doing a post later this week on our experience in Arizona, but until then I wanted to share with you photos from the posing styled shoot I lead while out there!

Posing can be quite the challenging task, espcially if your couples differ in height such as Steve and Chelsea below! It’s really hard to bring their heads close to eachother without them both looking awkward…Luckily for you I’ll be talking about this and much more on posing today on Showit Live at 10am PST! To watch follow the link here: or watch later on YouTube! 🙂

Full-time for ONE year!!

Wow…How fast a year has gone!! Today marks exactly ONE year since I took the jump into persuing photography full-time, and what an incredible year it’s been! I’m beyond blessed to do what I love and make a living doing it. This past year has presented me with so many amazing opporunities, and freedom that I never had working as an engineer full time. I’ve been able to put an emense amount of energy into my business, and it’s been a thrill to watch it grow! I truly have the most amazing couples who believe in what I do!

This past year has given me the time I need to discover myself. Discover my strenghts, what makes me tick, what motivates me, and what challenges me to better myself. It’s been a year of traveling, learning, teaching, leading, and meeting so many new friends! The bar is set high for this upcoming year, and I couldn’t be more excited for what’s in store! I’m working on so many projects for my business it’s ridulously fun (and busy), and I can’t wait to share them with you!

So with all that’s been said I want to share with you some things I’ve learned during this past year. Things I believe can help you no matter where you’re at with your business.

Find your “Why”

Two weeks after finishing my career as an engineer I attened Zach and Jody’s Photography Business workshop. Before we got into talking about setting goals, branding, marketing, etc. we began with asking ourselves, “Why am I doing this”. It’s a question not many of us ask ourselves when we set out to do something. But as I found out the “why” is what drives our business and helps us to define our values within our business.

Set Goals

One of the most important things I ever did for my business was set goals. I set goals that were realistic, measurable, and achievable. I had goals I set to hit for the year, the month, and for the week. They ranged from how many weddings I wanted to book to how many books I was going to read for the year. I’m proud to say that in just under two weeks I’ll get to cross another goal off my list by participating in my very first Showit Live!

Time Management

By far the biggest challenge I faced was managing my time. When you go from working a 9-5 job to having virtually all the time in the world you would think it’d be easier to manage your time. WRONG! It really takes self-discipline to hammer out the work you need to do. Once where your 9-5 days were filled with work with a boss looking over your shoulder…your 9-5 hours of self-employment are now filled with distractions (aka Netflix and Social Media). After a while I learned to make lists of things I needed to get done and worked on crossing each one off one by one. I tried multitasking… which worked terribly for me! Instead I made sure to focus on what I needed to get done until I was able to cross is off my list.

Create Systems

A HUGE time saver!! When you’re running a full-time photography business you have so many tasks like editing, e-mails, handling finances, marketing, album design…the list goes on and on! All these tasks can take time which adds up! Not to mention they add no real value to your business, so why spend more time if any on them!? When you create systems for your business you can reduce the time it takes you to complete these tasks and give yourself back the time you need for more important things.

Happy Thursday!!


Missy + Ryan | Engaged

Those of you that know me know how much I love traveling to NYC…A truer statement; I LOVE photographing couples in NYC! So every now and then when I know I’m going to be traveling out that way I’ll post on social media that I’m looking for couples who want photos there! That’s how I met Missy and Ryan! These two are engaged and getting married next year! They’re both Ohio natives who moved to NYC after college and are living the life out there!

I had a blast with these two exploring the Brooklyn area, and capturing their fun personalities and love, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Without further ado..Missy and Ryan!