New York, New York

My favorite

thing to do is travel. The thing I’m most excited to blog about is my travels and the photos that come with them. The place that excites me the most is New York City. There’s just something about the “Big Apple” that gives me a sense of place and belonging. I am fortunate enough to have some family and friends that live a short train trip away, and you better believe I try to visit as much as possible!

The past year has been a busy one with many ups and downs, and I wasn’t even 3 months into the year when I decide I was ready for a break from everything. Most people go to beaches, or a nice cabin in the woods to relax…not me! I’d rather drive 7 hours to visit some friends and family an enjoy some time in the city that never sleeps. This was my sixth visit to New York, and I’ll admit I still enjoy the touristy stuff. I can never get enough going to Top of the Rock and seeing the views or Central Park and the Empire State building. Honestly, if you’ve never had the chance to view the city from this building I highly recommend it! It gives you an overwhelming sense of just how massive Manhattan is! 

On this trip I decided to stay with my Aunt who lives about an hour north (by train) in Purdys, NY. It’s a small, quiet tow,n that is conveniently placed with the Southwest train running through it.  My favorite part of visiting (besides seeing family), is taking the train into the city. I love how one minute you’re going through a very naturesque part of New York, and the next all you see is high rise buildings, and the hustle and bustle of the city.

During this trip I was especially excited to see my good friends and recent newlyweds Justin and Gabbie who live in New Jersey, just a short drive from Manhattan. It was so great to see them, and their new house! Justin has been a good friend of mine since 8th grade, and since his move to New Jersey to be with Gabbie we still try to keep in touch! I got to spend a whole day with them, as they showed be around downtown Hoboken, NJ. We then made our way to Manhattan and spend the day walking and riding the subway around. I can’t wait to get back there and visit again! Always a good time.


Steve + Jane | Engaged

It was a couple years ago

when I first met Jane. We were both attending the University of Akron, and both involved with a school organization called SIFE. We would work on civic projects and programs that would both engage and improve the Akron area. Whether it was teaching elementary school kids about handling money, or doing canned food drives we always had a blast as a group. In 2010 I joined SIFE, and this was around the time I started to consider taking photography pass the “just a hobby” phase. I had just acquired my first “pro” camera, the Canon EOS 7D, and I need sooo much practice with it! I was looking left and right for people who were willing to get in front of my camera, and help me out! Jane was so helpful with this, and I took a lot of portraits of her!

About a year after we graduated I learned she had met Steve, and I could tell she was extremely happy, and the photos from their engagement photos reflects that! For their engagement session they wanted to do springtime photos. I was so happy because besides fall, spring is one of my favorite seasons! I took them to the Seiberling Nature Realm in Akron, and the scenery was amazing. The cherry blossoms were in bloom, and it was a photographer’s dream. Check them out below!

The Office

I had

always dreamed of having a workspace I could call my own. At an early age I knew I was destined to own my own business, and imagined one day what my office would look like. I know most 11 year old boys are busy running around, playing sports, and sitting in front of the TV playing video games (and trust me…I did all of that), but when I was that age I was always trying to act the part of a “grown up.” Most young boys have “clubs”, I was trying to create businesses. And it wasn’t just lemonade stands….I was trying to create businesses where in my head I thought could be huge!

Don’t laugh…But there was a time I tried to create my own roller coaster design company. I said don’t laugh! Yes.. It’s true. I was 12 years old, living in a foreign country (a blog post about this experience will be coming soon), and deprived of the thrill of a roller coaster. So like any abnormal 12 year old boy would do I created a logo, business cards, worked on multiple designs, and even BUILT a test track out of pop cans. Seriously… stop laughing. 😛

Obviously the roller coaster was never built… (shocker) , but it made me realize I had engrained within me a passion for entrepreneurship. As I kid I couldn’t wait to own my own business one day, and I especially couldn’t wait to have my own office. So here I am now with a photography business, with a space I can turn into my own that reflects my passion for photos, design, entrepreneurship, and my personal life. I had a great time designing it, and I look forward to posting more updates in the future as my business evolves and grows.

Enjoy! 🙂