My First Trip to California!

I’ve traveled up and down the east coast countless times. From New York, to the Carolinas, to Florida, New Orleans, the Mid-West and East coast is home, and I’m ashamed to say I haven’t traveled out west as much as I’d like. BUT…I’m making progress! Last year around this time I pushed further west with my trip to Vegas for WPPI. Then last October Emily and I flew out to Scottsdale, AZ for the United retreat! 

We had a blast traveling to those places, but one destination seemed to keep eluding my wishlist of travel destinations…California. I have so many photographer friends that live there, but yet never visited! When I booked a wedding for this year and found that the couple lived in LA I decide it was time to get out of Ohio and finally cross California off my wishlist! 

Right after the Rising Tide Society leadership retreat in Charleston, SC I boarded a plane headed for the west coast! This time it was truly the west coast! My flight landed in LA around 7:30pm, I picked up my sweet rental from Sixt Rentals, and I was on my way to explore! 

Charleston RTS Leaders Retreat

Early last year a couple pretty awesome girls out of Annopolis Maryland started a group (turned movement) called the Rising Tide Society. Their mission; to educate and empower creatives through the spirit of community over competition. They began local groups called Tuesdays Togethers, and as of last August I’ve had the incredible honor to lead our very own area Tuesdays Together group. 

Open to all, we meet once a month to network and talk/educte eachother about certain aspects of our businesses. It has truly been incredible to see so many people come together to help eachother out. People who look past competing with eachother, and instead help lift eachother up. 

Missy + Ryan | Engaged

Those of you that know me know how much I love traveling to NYC…A truer statement; I LOVE photographing couples in NYC! So every now and then when I know I’m going to be traveling out that way I’ll post on social media that I’m looking for couples who want photos there! That’s how I met Missy and Ryan! These two are engaged and getting married next year! They’re both Ohio natives who moved to NYC after college and are living the life out there! 

I had a blast with these two exploring the Brooklyn area, and capturing their fun personalities and love, and I’m so excited to share them with you! Without further ado..Missy and Ryan!

Our Couples Photos by Matt Kennedy

It should come to no surprise that Emily and I LOVE to get photos taken of the two of us. We want the story of our relationship told over time, and that requires every now and then having certain moments captured in time. When we traveled to Charleston last summer we had the very talented Katie Capo take some photos of us. We can now look back at those photos and remember how amazing our time in Charleston was. 

Before we left for WPPI in Vegas I knew that it would be the perfect time and location for another round of photos. It was going to be the perfect opportunity to get some because, um okay a thousand photographers were going to be there…It was a no brainer! Despite having quite the selection the choice of which photographer we wanted to capture our Vegas adventure was also a no brainer.  Without hesitation I reached out to Matt Kennedy! I’ve been following Matt for a couple years now, and had the incredible opporunity to mentor with him last year! 

WPPI – Part II

Here is it! Part 2 of our WPPI trip! If you haven’t checked out Part I be sure to check it out here! As I mentioned in the first part, the first half of our trip was full of going to classes, and hanging out with our new friends. As most people stayed for only a few days we ended up staying the entire week, Saturday through Saturday. 

On Wednesday WPPI sadly ended. In a moment of hours the halls of the MGM convention center went from being filled with photographers to being bare with the exception of workers tearing down the signs and banners. I’ll admit that while we walked around it was hard not to be saddened that everything was over. 

WPPI – Part I

I have been so excited for the last few weeks about sharing this post! A couple weeks ago Emily and I left for Vegas for WPPI! For those who don’t know what WPPI is; It is the Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. Essentially a week of photographers from all over the world coming to Vegas to learn, meet new friends, and find out what’s new and exciting in the wedding and portrait world. Although I’ve been photographing weddings for a little over three years this was my first time ever getting to go to WPPI! 


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My Wedding Travel Wishlist

Anyone that knows me knows how much I love to travel. I’m sure by now you’ve seen my numerous blog posts on my trips to New York City, New Orleans, Florida, and my time living in Saudi Arabia. During those years I even got to travel to places like London, Cyprus and Bahrain. But even after traveling to all of those destinations I still have a huge desire to keep traveling and see more of what the world has to offer. 


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