April 13, 2016

Do you ever feel like there’s never enough time in a day to get anything done? You have that to-do list sitting on your desk, and you’re adding to it quicker than you’re crossing things off? It’s annoying, frustrating, and un-motivating isn’t it??

If you read my blog post a couple days ago I talked about my goals for this month. If you’re interested in learning more about them you can read about them here! My objective this month (not my goal) is to get myself into a daily routine! From day one of quitting my 9-5, and at the start of running my business full-time I lacked a routine. Some days I would spend hours in front of the computer working, while others I would spend time in front of the television procrastinating. Some nights I would go to bed at a decent time, while other nights I’d lie awake till 3:00am binging on YouTube. I’ll admit this was my life up until a couple weeks ago. 

December 29, 2014

2014 was quite the year for me. I captured the stories of 10 amazing couples, traveled all over the east coast, attended one amazing workshop given by Zach & Jody Gray, finsihed creating my brand, AND last but not least QUIT my full-time job as a prototype engineer! It sure had its ups and downs, […]

June 24, 2014

I’m pretty stoked about today’s post! It’s my first ever video! I thought I’d share with you today my top three choices in lenses when I shoot engagements. Videos are something I’d love to keep doing more of, so if you have any suggestions at all on what I can do in the future please […]

June 9, 2014

Before I began blogging I relied completely on Facebook and my website to market my work. I didn’t realize how beneficial it would be for my business if I began a blog to give people a more in depth look into my photography as well as my personal life. It was a struggle at first […]

February 18, 2014

I’m a busy guy, and I know so many other photographers are as well! You’re busy marketing, editing, keeping up with social media, meeting clients, responding to emails, writing blog posts, and taking photos..the list goes on, and on! I sat down the other day to make a list of everything I work on, and […]

November 25, 2013

With just a month until Christmas I’m sure everyone is going crazy figuring out what to get eachother! I have the hardest time even coming up with things that I need, but this year I figured I would put together a Christmas list of things I either have or would love to have! Everything on […]