It’s a giveaway!

I’ve been teasing it for about a week now on all my social media, but Andrew Smith Photography is getting a brand new look with a brand new website! This blog won’t change much since I’ve already made minor adjustments, but I’m so excited to show you all I’ve been working on for the last couple months! 

Almost two years ago I launched my current site, and for a while it served me well. Since then I have refined my style, there have been new  internet upgrades, and I started to feel like it was becoming a little outdated.

6 Things You Can do to Excel Your Photography Business into the New Year

2014 was quite the year for me. I captured the stories of 10 amazing couples, traveled all over the east coast, attended one amazing workshop given by Zach & Jody Gray, finsihed creating my brand, AND last but not least QUIT my full-time job as a prototype engineer! It sure had its ups and downs, […]

A Letter to my fellow “Newbie”

Hi there! First, let me welcome you to this amazing industry. An industry that is full of love, and a never ending desire to serve others. An industry where our skills and talents turn special events into tangible memories to be cherished and remembered for generations. You may be sitting in front of your computer, […]

Tuesday Tips + Tricks | Engagement Lenses

I’m pretty stoked about today’s post! It’s my first ever video! I thought I’d share with you today my top three choices in lenses when I shoot engagements. Videos are something I’d love to keep doing more of, so if you have any suggestions at all on what I can do in the future please […]

Tuesday Tips + Tricks | My Wedding Workflow

I’m a busy guy, and I know so many other photographers are as well! You’re busy marketing, editing, keeping up with social media, meeting clients, responding to emails, writing blog posts, and taking photos..the list goes on, and on! I sat down the other day to make a list of everything I work on, and […]

Ten Gifts for the Photographer

With just a month until Christmas I’m sure everyone is going crazy figuring out what to get eachother! I have the hardest time even coming up with things that I need, but this year I figured I would put together a Christmas list of things I either have or would love to have! Everything on […]

Why I chose to “PASS”

The days of

mailing out DVDs and
flashdrives are finally behind me! No more e-mails from clients telling
me they lost their flash drive…No more phone calls telling me their
DVD is scratched and they need another copy… No more of that! 🙂 A few
months ago I stumbled upon an amazing service called “PASS”. After
watching their introductory video and viewing other photographers PASS
galleries I was sold. I knew there was no way I could miss the
opportunity to utilize this for my business. Okay…so what is PASS???
Simply, it’s a program of awesomeness that allows you to deliver clients
their photos as soon as you’re finished editing them.