I haven’t really made it public this past year, but a year and a half ago Emily and I made the decision to move in with her parents. It was two weeks after I quit my engineering position and we were on a mission to start saving money. Emily’s parents were gracious enough to open their basement up to us, and that is exactly where I have been running the business out of for the last year!

I’ll say, it was a little embarrassing to admit we lived in a basement… In her parents house! However, we have big dreams, and sometimes you have to rough it out to make it happen! It wasn’t easy, and often times I found myself down about where we were at in our lives. I went from living in a large, bright, and open apartment to a dim, cool, and significantly smaller space. This is the reason the local Starbucks had become my second home!

Since the beginning of the year we had been entertaining the though of moving out, but fear kept us from doing it. If we were to move out of the safety of the basement we would finally have to pay rent and bills for the first time since I went from engineer to full-time photographer! The pressure and realization that my business would be supporting me to pay the bills was daunting and frightening! What if inquiries all of a sudden stopped and I started making significantly less of an income?!

As you may have gathered from my posts about my Vivid Vision, my monthly goals, and my productivity transformation it’s pretty simple to see that this month I’m focused on personal growth. And the one thing I needed to get over was the fear of failure! In all the books that I’ve read and all the people that I’ve heard from I learned I need to stop thinking worst possible outcome, and start thinking best outcome!

So with that I decided to finally take the jump and get us out of the basement! We saved up and paid off some bills we wanted, but the time felt right and it was time to stop fearing the worst possible outcome of making a move like this.

We are both so excited to show you the progress of the move, and we hope you check back on our progress! Horray!!…I finally have a place to start hosting workshops again!!

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