I absolutely love design. Especially when it’s mimimal…That’s why when looking for a stand for my Apple Watch it started becoming impossible to find one that fit my style. I had almost given up hope until one day on Facebook I stumbled across an ad for a company called Native Union. Finally an ad that turned out to be beneficial!!

As I browsesd their website I began to notice that they not only sold Apple Watch stands, but ones for your iPhone, as well as beautifully designed phone cases. FINALLY some nicely designed products that meshed with my style!

Without hesitation I order an Apple Watch and Phone dock (seperate items), and a phone case. Within a few days all items arrived on the doorstep, and without wasting time quickly rushed to open the box. It seriously felt like Christmas.

The first items to be opened were the docks. I quickly assembled two pieces together for each dock and sat tham on my night stand. They were perfect. Next came the phone case. While I opened the box I began to see the design and was struck to find the case was broken, and had multiple design defects. In addition to the defects it was the wrong design! You might be scratching your heads at this point, and baffled as to why I would say Native Union deserves to be featured as a “Favorite.” Well the truth of the matter is within a few hours of writing a complaint I heard back immediately from the company, they aplogized, promised to fix the problem, and within a short amount of days I received my new case…the correct design and flawless.

You can check out more of thier products at www.nativeunion.com

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