Charleston RTS Leaders Retreat

Early last year a couple pretty awesome girls out of Annopolis Maryland started a group (turned movement) called the Rising Tide Society. Their mission; to educate and empower creatives through the spirit of community over competition. They began local groups called Tuesdays Togethers, and as of last August I’ve had the incredible honor to lead our very own area Tuesdays Together group. 

Open to all, we meet once a month to network and talk/educte eachother about certain aspects of our businesses. It has truly been incredible to see so many people come together to help eachother out. People who look past competing with eachother, and instead help lift eachother up. 

Kelsey + Adam | Engaged

So kinda big news…I finally traveled to California for the first time last week! And now I’ve decided in 2017 I will be moving there! Just kidding; but seriously it was amazing and I was in awe of how scenic everything was! (Travel photos will be following this post soon).  The whole vibe between LA and Santa Barbara totally fit my personally, so needless to say I’ll be going back soon.