Happy New Year! I hope you had an amazing year in 2015, and I wish you all the best for 2016! As with each new year I like to reflect on the previous and set my goals for upcoming, and today I’m doing just that! Last year my goals ranged from business to fitness, and this year is no different! I want to continue what I started in 2015, and use what I learned to make 2016 even better! I couldn’t be happier looking back, and in 2016 I want to focus mainly on two things; education and serving. When I talk about serving I’m talking about it in two sense of the word. Serving my clients the best I can, and volunteering. My clients are especially important to me. I would not be able to do what I love for a living without them, and in 2016 I want to work on giving them an exceptional wedding experience. On the other end I want to take the time to start volunteering more. Volunteering has always been important to me, and I’ve always wished I could do more of it. So next year it’s on!

In regards to educationI want to not only want to keep educating myself, but reach out to more people and help them reach their goals in business and in life. That’s why today I’m introducing brand new mentoring and coaching sessions that will be available this month! I have a lot of great things planned this year, and here they are!

2015 Reflections

2015 was AWESOME. I traveled all over the country, photographed 21 amazing couples, started developing Social (details to come), ran a few half marathons, taught on Showit Live, and lost over 30 pounds!!! Needless to say I’m very happy with how the year went! Aside from the amazing experience I learned a lot as well. 2015 taught me to be more confident in my business and life. I feel like I’ve always held myself back because I was afraid of failure…this year I faced it head on. I felt uncomfortable during a lot of it, but the outcomes were amazing. I took chances and made tough decisions yet came out unscathed and stronger than ever.

2016 Goals


– Run my FIRST full marathon

– Volunteer 15 times

– Travel to the west coast!

– Read 10 books

– Launch Social!!

– Travel out of the country


– Photograph 25-30 weddings

– Host two workshops

– Shoot 5 stylized sessions

– Shoot a wedding in NYC

– Finish setting up my client management systems!

Have a GREAT year my friends!


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