It should come to no surprise that Emily and I LOVE to get photos taken of the two of us. We want the story of our relationship told over time, and that requires every now and then having certain moments captured in time. When we traveled to Charleston last summer we had the very talented Katie Capo take some photos of us. We can now look back at those photos and remember how amazing our time in Charleston was.

Before we left for WPPI in Vegas I knew that it would be the perfect time and location for another round of photos. It was going to be the perfect opportunity to get some because, um okay a thousand photographers were going to be there…It was a no brainer! Despite having quite the selection the choice of which photographer we wanted to capture our Vegas adventure was also a no brainer. Without hesitation I reached out to Matt Kennedy! I’ve been following Matt for a couple years now, and had the incredible opporunity to mentor with him last year!

I knew that both Matt and his wife Carissa could do an amazing job at capturing the feelings that Emily and I have for eachother. They certainly did that with ease, and we absolutely LOVE our photos! Thanks Matt and Carissa!

The image below where we both have weird faces….Yeah I totally threw her up into a bunch of bushes that pricked her back… Sorry!

She’s such a goof…. 😀

^^^^ THAT SHOT!!! WOW!! 
^^^^ THAT SHOT!!! WOW!! 

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