June 16, 2014

Domenica + David | Couple

What an awesome summer it has turned out to be so far this year, and it’s only just begun! A few weeks ago consisted of traveling for three straight weeks, and it was a blast! One of my destinations was New York City. If you don’t know by now, I absolutely love going there. There’s so many fun things to do! (Tip: When visiting for a couple days…Don’t try to do too much. You will find yourself running around the city getting lost. Like I we did on this trip lol)

The best story of this trip was during the hour we met up with David and Domenica for their couples session. It began with Emily and I deciding we wanted to go to Top of the Rock around sunset so we could get some awesome photos! It was my fifth time going to the top, and Emilys first, so I thought sunset would be perfect for her first time. We bought our tickets earlier in the day for a 7:45-8:05 entry time. At this point our couples session with David and Domenica was scheduled for 7:00 in Brooklyn. We knew it would be close, and we were confident we would make it. The hour leading up to the session Emily and I walked around Central Park for a little bit with my friend Allie who had just moved there last October. By the time we got on the train for Brooklyn we were already running a little late and feeling rushed. When we arrived in Brooklyn I recieved a text by Domenica telling me that their train was running late, and that they wouldn’t be arriving till around 7:20. At this point I was FREAKING out wondering how I was going to do a couples session with how little time we had until we needed to be at Rockefeller.

It was going to take us a good 20 minutes to get from Brooklyn to Rockefeller since we had to switch a couple subway lines. This was provided we didn’t take the wrong subway…(as we had been doing all weekend). Thankfully at 7:35 we spotted Domenica and David strolling up the Brooklyn Bridge walkway! Immediately we greeted them, and got to work! They totally rocked the 10 minute long session we had! Within those few minutes I was still able to get some awesome photos of them before we had to run to catch out train! And by run, I mean Emily and I literally sprinted a quarter mile to the subway station!

We arrived at the Rockefeller Plaza station at 8:03 and ran up to the entrance. At this point it was 8:10 and we were just moments from missing the sunset that was at 8:14 that evening. Luckily for us we already had our tickets and the line was not long at all! We arrived at Top of the Rock at 8:15, and such in time caught a glimpse of the sun setting on the horizon. The rooftop was packed like sardines of tourists capturing the scene with their cameras. We were finally able to take a breather after rushing around for two hours, but the hustle and bustle was well worth it. I hope you enjoy the photos from David and Domenica’s couple session!

Happy Monday!

Here’s a shot I got with my iPhone just after sunset from Top of the Rock!! Such a stunning view! 🙂







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